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Bob Clark

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A Christmas Story (1983)

Its the podcast where a filmmaker and a comedian shoot the eyes out of the 80s movies they love and hate with modern eyes… and this time Krissy Lenz the comedian and Nathan Blackwell the filmmaker do NOT agree. 

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Black Christmas

Bob Clark may be best known for directing his Christmas classic, 1983’s A Christmas Story, but many people don’t know that he got his start in horror like so many other filmmakers, and that one of his first horror films was another Christmas story — Black Christmas. What’s so refreshing about watching this 1974 film is that it’s a slasher film that doesn’t feel as base as so many others that followed suit, but more importantly that it adopted the first person POV shot for the killer. Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – as we discuss this year’s holiday film, Clark’s ‘74 film Black Christmas.

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