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Colin Trevorrow

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Trailer Rewind's episode on Colin Trevorrow's 2017 film The Book of Henry
Trailer Rewind

The Book of Henry

The Book of Henry is not the film any of us expected. This is a film that splits audiences – including JJ, Steve and Tommy. Is this film for you? Within the first 15 minutes of this episode you will know whether you will push play, or keep scrolling.

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The Film Board

Jurassic World

The Film Board Gathers! This month, we christen Jurassic World, the latest from Colin Trevorrow. Did Chris Pratt maintain his status as up-and-coming action hero of the decade? Did Bryce Dallas Howard embody 1980’s sexism in the movies? Was Vincent D’Onofrio SO much better in Daredevil?

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