Retake: Journalists

February 13, 2022

It was a short series and didn’t really have films that dealt with journalism so much as have characters who are journalists, but it was still an interesting series. We talked about Boat People, Merrily We Go to Hell, The Weight of Water, and Between the Lines. So what did we think of the series overall? Tune in to find out!

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The Next Reel • Season 11 • Series: Journalists • Dorothy Arzner's 1932 film Merrily We Go to Hell

Merrily We Go to Hell

January 27, 2022

We continue our Journalists series with a film that’s a bit more journalist adjacent – Dorothy Arzner’s 1932 film ‘Merrily We Go to Hell.’ What do we think of Frederic March and Sylvia Sidney? How about their modern marriage? And how did the Hays Code figure in to this movie? Tune in for more!

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