Murder on the Orient Express

"Use the little grey cells of the mind - and you will know!"

The literary adaptation sub-faction of Film Board thugs gathers here to spoil the unraveling of Agatha Christie’s great mystery masterpiece. It’s an immensely remarkable award-laden cast gathered by Kenneth Branagh for this remake, but do they adequately slay the source material? It could be a crime to pull this relic out to confound new audiences — did the mustache pull it off? Do the filmmakers get away with it? 

Andy, Tommy, and JJ conspire to stab at the victories and victims in films like this. This is a unique show for thugging in that you may want to listen to determine if this film is worth your time. If you love Agatha Christie, question the purpose of retreads, and don’t mind getting spoiled on who done it – click with us!

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