The Happytime Murders

“Looks like someone had a real piñata party.”

What the heck is going on?! The Film Board was ROFL when the trailer for The Happytime Murders was released, so we decided to take a flyer and check to see if Melissa McCarthy and the Henson Gang could keep the raunchy laughs coming. We don’t usually tackle pure comedies at The Next Reel so this conversation could be a pivotal point in our movie choices for the future.

Join Andy, Tommy, and JJ as we consider the freedom afforded to writers when visiting vice and vulgarity upon fluffy non-living things made to look and act as though they are. We’ll help spoil the movie for you a little more than the trailer did so that we can get deep into its “rotten cotton.” And ultimately, maybe the most important question for approaching this brand of shock comedy is: where exactly can we find the line between too far and not far enough?

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