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The Film Board podcast • Dune 2021


“This Is My Dune. Kill Them All.”

We’re off-world this week as we head into Denis Villeneuve’s Dune with Ocean Murff, Matthew Fox, Steve Sarmento, and Pete Wright.

This is a property with some baggage and we come carrying a lot of it. Loved the book? Loved the Lynch film? Loved the SyFy remake and its sequel? We’re a mixed bag on the show this week and believe it or not – one of us hasn’t seen or read a single Dune-y thing until this very film.

This, of course, gives us the opportunity to talk about how well the movie sets up the universe of Dune without the knowledge of the story and where our hero ultimately goes in the sequel. How well does the political intrigue land? Where is Zendaya in this thing? Why is there a guy named Duncan Idaho in the year 10,000?

It’s a complicated story and we set out to explore how well this version communicates its themes in our search for Chani and the worm riders.

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