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“This is a business where the buyer gets nothing for his money but a memory.”

We’re finally in the last month of 2020 the entertainment industry is mulling through new layers of execution and release. In this first week of December, Netflix released “Mank” by David Fincher keying our imagination towards remembering old Hollywood. It’s a bit of a legacy labour of love for Fincher in that the screenplay was written by his father and was originally intended to be made years before Jack Fincher’s death in 2003. It focuses on the politics of filmmaking of the 1930’s, how those dynamics mixed into the world, and were reflected in “Citizen Kane” by screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz.

It’s The Film Board’s first black and white subject and Tommy, Steve, and JJ will attempt to travel in time to talk through the relevance and references in this stylized take on one of the most celebrated stories in Hollywood’s history. The period was a confusing and difficult time as the world suffered out of The Great Depression in the run up to World War 2. We’ll get at how this movie characterized the massive entertainment machine of the time and how Mank’s story may have effected change in all of it. Everything old is new again this month on The Film Board.

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