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Molly’s Game

Happy New Year! We’re bringing you an early episode of The Film Board as a late Christmas gift this year. Molly’s Game was pre-released on the Holiday, but we gathered some thugs here as quickly as possible this week for its wide release. It’s based on the book by Colorado native Molly Bloom about her real life adventures running clandestine high stakes poker games with rich high profile players in Los Angeles and New York.

On this show, listen to Steve, Andy, and JJ examine Aaron Sorkin’s script and direction. They may try to gamble a bit about the film’s performance and purpose for coming out on Christmas. Jessica Chastain and company may be giving away some tells for big hollywood gold with this movie out in theaters now. 

Film Sundries

The Film Board gathers for an in-depth panel discussion on a film just released in theaters and spoil it rotten.
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