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The Batman

Fans of Nolan’s Bat-entries will probably understand our reticence walking into Matt Reeves’s latest film, “The Batman.” Christian Bale already did a turn as a Darker Knight, right? Why on earth would we need another one? Another universe, another actor, another take on principle villains?

And so it is that Ocean Murff, Pete Wright, and Tommy Metz III walked into the 3-hour epic, hopeful, cynical, nervous, and maybe a little judgmental. Let us start with this: “The Batman” is more than we expected. For good or ill, it is more. For the rest, you have to listen in.

We talk about Robert Pattinson, naturally, and Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, and Colin Farrel. Oh, and did we mention John Turturo? Yeah, he was in there, too. We have thoughts on latex, rain, scary cars, and the Riddler/Batman rift as it relates to the classic Joker/Batman duo.

This is a big movie, worth the big screen and big runtime. Will it be worth big stars and big hearts? Join us!

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