Mandy Kaplan

Mandy Kaplan (IMDB) is an actress, voice over artist, singer, writer, ninja, and podcast host living in LA. Her voice can be heard in hundreds of commercials/video games/website videos and other bites of sweet, sweet Internet content. She can be seen starring in the feature film 30 Nights of Sex to Save Your Marriage available on Amazon Prime, which she co-wrote and produced. Her hilarious cabaret Miscast: Right Singer, Wrong Song has been running in LA for over ten years. And now…she is co-host of the podcast Mandemic Mondays with her comedy partner Mandy Fabian (IMDB). They are best friends who have nothing in common…except their names. She can also be heard providing insights on movies and pop culture across The Next Reel Family of Film Podcasts.

The Mandow

November 21, 2022

2022-11-19 • Saturday Matinée

November 19, 2022

Somemandy Somewhere

November 14, 2022

Don’t Worry Mandling

November 7, 2022

Inside the Mand of a Cat

October 31, 2022

2022-10-29 • Saturday Matinée

October 29, 2022


October 17, 2022

2022-10-15 • Saturday Matinée

October 15, 2022


October 10, 2022

The Mandys All Scream

October 3, 2022