Pete Wright

Pete has been a broadcaster for the last 30 years, falling in love with the edit bay in the back of a newsroom in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He studied journalism at the University of Colorado with a focus on long-form documentary production, turning that early experience into a career helping businesses shape the stories of their brands through image and sound. Pete earned an M.S. in Organizational Design and spent fifteen years teaching graduate marketing students the power of human-centered communications. From public relations teams on global multi-million dollar brand projects to marketing for independent business owners, Pete has helped shape communications that build brands. In 2006, he launched Fifth & Main, LLC., a media consultancy focused on brand-building through the nascent field of podcasting. In 2020, nearly 3,000 individual podcast episodes behind them, the company rebranded as TruStory FM with an ear toward the next decade of podcast education and entertainment.