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IM2035: An Exoskeleton and a Bag of Mulch

When is a car not a car? When the MMM computer says it’s so. This is Rob’s least favorite minute and we dive into why as we take on what it means to have … a human body. Ivan whips, Tony scampers, and Happy drives angry. Plus, we see what happens with the in-car Stoogeiverse collides with on-track shenanigans. Those shenanigans, by the way, lead us down an exploration of The Constrictor, who may have been present in spirit in this scene.

Film Sundries


Kyle Olson and Rob Kubasko are on the front line of the Marvel Movie Minute, pulling apart the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe … one minute at a time. This season, it’s time to zip up, suit up, and head to the track with the boirds.