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NACUBO’s Kathleen Masterson Brings Lessons Learned from the 2019 NACUBO Tuition Discounting Study

Institutions dedicate a significant portion of their tuition and fee revenue to help families offset the cost of college. The 2019 study indicates that this trend is becoming even more profound, and these measurements reflect pre-COVID responses. NACUBO Assistant Director for Research and Policy Analysis Kathleen Masterson brings us a summary of the 2019 study with a nod to changes in the format of the study illuminating new insights.

Today on the show, Kathleen joins NACUBO Vice President for Policy and Research Liz Clark to share the latest findings from the study, focusing on institutions’ use of tuition discounting toward recruiting and supporting students and families, and the challenges that come from increasing aid and the corresponding impact on net tuition revenue.

Thank you to EAB for their generous support of this research.

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