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Live from EACUBO 2015 — Gregg Goldman and Dave Button on Common Interests, Common Challenges of CBOs

This week on Navigating Change we’re once again recording live from the Cheers Lounge at the EACUBO Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. Howard Teibel hosts a conversation this week with two esteemed guests: Gregg Goldman, SVP and CFO at The University of Arizona and Chair of NACUBO, and Dave Button, CBO at University of Regina in Saskatchewan and past president of CAUBO. Each brings a unique perspective on the state of CBO readiness for complexity in the coming year, and they uncover a series of fascinating parallels in the state of higher eduction between the US and Canada.

Exploring the complex waters of Higher Education.

Join Howard Teibel and guests as they dissect issues facing institutions and teams in transition and offer solutions for the most troubling process challenges.

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