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An Evolving IT Story @Colorado.Edu

The information technology office is changing. No longer a simple service center to keep your laptop humming, today’s IT office offers a striking portfolio of tools to help solve problems across the organization, provided leaders learn how to effectively engage.

This week on the show, we have two guests from the University of Colorado IT office. Marin Stanek serves as deputy CIO and director of academic technology, and Orrie Gartner serves as director of operations and cloud infrastructure for the office of information technology. Together, they’ve authored a white paper titled, “Transformative IT: Critical to our Academic Future,” which outlines a number of areas in which the campus IT office has evolved, and will continue to evolve to support the most critical challenges we face.

Marin and Orrie, and the whole IT team, are focused on the student experience first. Ensuring that students don’t walk headlong into bureaucracy in IT, but are offered all the tools they need to succeed and focus fully on their studies. Above and beyond that, the IT department is playing a central role in solving campus-wide challenges. Join us this week to learn more about the evolving nature of campus IT and how you can open the doors to all the office has to offer from two seasoned campus technology leaders.

Links & Notes

  • (00:00) – Welcome to Navigating Change
  • (01:14) – The Evolving Nature of IT in an Academic Institution
  • (02:39) – What is Level 1 IT?
  • (04:11) – What is Level 2 IT?
  • (06:20) – What is Level 3 IT?
  • (09:20) – What makes teams successful?
  • (29:30) – Read the White Paper

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