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Strategic Planning and Leading from the Seat You’re In — Howard Teibel at NCAA-NACUBO 2013

At this year’s NACUBO Annual Workshop, Howard Teibel will join NCAA business officers for a rich discussion on the nature of leadership, communication, and broadening the contribution to the strategic planning process.

In the latest episode of the Navigating Change podcast, Teibel shares his objectives for the session, encouraging business offers to get ready to think bigger than their functional roles.

The surprise for business officers, according to Teibel, is that these individuals are often uniquely equipped to contribute to the strategic planning process because of their access to data across the organization.

Since the economic crisis, more and more people in those areas are discovering — and being asked by their vice presidents and presidents themselves — ‘we need you to play a central role not just in getting us the data, but helping to figure out how to lead us through this.'”

The transition that is occurring in organizations moving toward strategic planning process maturity is that business officers and team members are learning that the data they cultivate, and their unique ability to interpret it, is a key strategic asset to the organization. Building a framework for turning that asset into a productive contribution to the organization — and to moving new initiatives forward — can be daunting.

In his time with NCAA business officers, Howard Teibel will help not only build that framework for approaching strategic planning, but give tools to business officers to help increase productive communication and demonstrate a new kind of leadership.

The NACUBO Annual Meeting is July 13-16, 2013. This special NCAA workshop will take place July 14-15. For more information, please visit, and check back here soon for more information on all of Teibel, Inc.’s events and presentations in Indianapolis. See you there!

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