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Engagement Across the Academy for Transformational Learning with UCLA’s Dr. Christopher Surro

At Teibel Education we are committed to having your people be connected with a higher purpose. As we look to 2021 and the hope for greater ease and less uncertainty, we bring you a podcast on learning.

How do you produce active listening in a colleague, student, or peer? Active listening is a central tenant to the capacity to learn and acquire new skills.

In this podcast, we explore learning with UCLA professor Dr. Christopher Surro. Chris is committed to his student’s success and he teaches us how to engage others to learn by applying a few simple principles – showing care, guiding versus doing and creatively using technology.

As administrators, Deans, CFO’s, or faculty, this is an invaluable conversation to listen to and share with others. We look forward to hearing how this resonates with you.

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About Dr. Christopher Surro

Chris Surro is an Assistant Adjunct Professor in the Department of Economics at UCLA. He primarily teaches macro courses but has teaching interests across a variety of economic fields. His main teaching goal is to provide students with both economic knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge in practical ways to their future careers. He also tries to incorporate new technologies into his classes to improve student learning and engagement. His research focuses on using recent computational methods to improve economic analysis.

  • (02:24) – Welcome to Navigating Change
  • (02:50) – A Study of Retention
  • (05:49) – Why Students Prefer a Lecture Over Active Learning
  • (07:35) – Integrating Technology
  • (09:29) – Before COVID
  • (10:58) – Upside Since March 2020
  • (13:13) – Redesigning Classes at This Point
  • (15:53) – Additional Time to Prep
  • (18:31) – Shifting the Online Status to In-Person… Eventually
  • (19:57) – Zoom Fatigue
  • (21:38) – Faculty Collaboration
  • (25:34) – COVID as an Opportunity to Make Positive Changes
  • (33:07) – Shifts in Student Types
  • (35:54) – Student Evaluations and Being Actually Good
  • (43:23) – Telling Students They’ll Struggle But Will Learn
  • (44:31) – Learning How to Learn
  • (47:15) – Last Thoughts

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