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Becoming a Person of Tomorrow with Angelie Pereyra

“I could not imagine being who I am at all without that nine-year foundation. I wouldn’t be me without that community.” So says our guest this week. 

As we end our first season, we invite you to listen to Angelie Pereyra. She’s currently a sophomore at The Dalton School, continually testing her own limits and reaching for new heights just as she learned in her years at Girls Prep. 

Angelie’s story, and indeed her enthusiasm, encapsulates all the stories that we’ve shared over this first season of the podcast. If you’re a parent, we hope you’ll hear in Angelie’s words the words of your child, some day. If you’re an alumna, we hope you hear the exuberant voice of a peer, and a powerful sister in your own journey. And if you’re an educator, we hope you’ll hear in every breath the words Thank You for your continued grace and generosity of experience. It is Angelie’s voice, and all the voices of Girls Prep, that remind us that what we do matters — in school, and far beyond. 

“When you’re looking for a school for your kind, you want someplace that will make them the people of tomorrow. I think that’s what Girls Prep does.” We couldn’t say it better, Angelie. 

We’d like to introduce you to graduates of our Girls Prep Academy who each demonstrate the power and promise of a Public Prep scholar.

Their stories are incredible.
Public Prep is an award-winning network of charter schools across Manhattan and the Bronx and the nation’s first non-profit tuition-free charter school network that develops exceptional pre-K and single-gender elementary and middle public schools.

Stay tuned for a series of conversations with our scholars as we reflect on their Public Prep experience with inspiring, motivating, and joyful stories of success and resilience.

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