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Communications in a Time of Crisis with Kith’s Bill Coletti

Crisis communications is a practice every company needs experience in, but hopes to never have to put to use. Companies that prepare for downturns and crises are better equipped to respond with speed, empathy, and innovative solutions. Yet, even companies who haven’t invested in crisis comms planning can utilize this moment to learn and craft their crisis strategy.

To help our listeners navigate communications during the COVID-19 pandemic, we invited Kith CEO Bill Coletti to the show. Listen for Bill’s insights on:

  • The tenets of successful crisis communication: always be communicating, always be listening, and manage stakeholder expectations.
  • The importance of articulating a company’s core values during challenging times, and demonstrating how those values guide the company in standing for something bigger than itself.
  • Three considerations companies should balance in planning to come back from a crisis: financial, social, and moral.

Links & Notes

  • 00:48 – Introducing Bill Colletti
  • 04:14 – About Kith
  • 06:02 – COVID-19 Crisis Communications
  • 11:34 – Moving Forward
  • 16:56 – The Risk Matrix
  • 20:22 – Getting Involved on Short Notice
  • 22:59 – Smart Generosity
  • 25:40 – What can communicators do right now?
  • 32:59 – Major League Baseball on finding their way back to normal
  • 36:42 – Bringing back the most impacted industries
  • 41:12 – Three Key Insights

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