Slumber Party Massacre

Slumber Party Massacre (2021) • Member Bonus

February 28, 2023

We return to the Slumber Party Massacre series for our February 2023 member bonus episode. That’s right, we’re talking about Danishka Esterhazy’s 2021 remake/reboot ‘Slumber Party Massacre.’ It’s a ton of fun as a parody and revisioning of the original films. They’re all clearly having fun with this. They even throw in references to other great horror films and franchises. But does the parodying nature of this diminish the feminist approach? Do you need to have seen the previous films? Or does it stand strong as-is? Tune in!

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Slumber Party Massacre III

February 23, 2023

We wrap up our Slumber Party Massacre series with a conversation about Sally Mattison’s 1990 film ‘Slumber Party Massacre III.’ Why is this one completely disconnected from the story following the first two? Or are we meant to find a connection simply because some names are the same? Where’s the feminist angle? And why is this one harder to track down? Tune in for a fun conversation about the end of this trilogy.

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Slumber Party Massacre II

February 16, 2023

We continue delving into feminist(?) takes on 80s slasher films as we walk through the Roger Corman-produced Slumber Party Massacre series. How is Deborah Brock’s sequel ‘Slumber Party Massacre II’ different from its predecessor? It’s certainly doing something new. Does it work? And how does it hold up?

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The Slumber Party Massacre

February 9, 2023

We kick off our next series, looking at some 80s slashers directed by women! That’s right, it’s time to tackle the Slumber Party Massacre series. In today’s episode, we’re looking at the first film, Amy Holden Jones’ 1982 film ‘The Slumber Party Massacre.’ How do its origins as a parody lead to it perhaps punching a bit above its weight?

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