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The ILTACON Experience with Upland BA Insight Legal Solutions Director Kim Stein

Kim Stein brings decades of experience as a legal solutions and workflow specialist. As Upland BA Insight’s director of legal solutions, she has a rich and unique perspective on our industry. This week, Kim joins Pete Wright to share her insights as reflected through the lens of our premier educational and networking event in the legal sector: ILTACON.

ILTACON was a four-and-a-half day conference with comprehensive peer-driven programs, educational content, and plenty of networking opportunities. Kim shares her perspective on Upland BAI’s role at the conference, leading the sector with relevant solutions to our industry. This year’s big theme: Data. Where does it exist? How is it managed and transformed into knowledge for legal teams? What is the value proposition for investment in systems to help firms turn that value proposition into something that can be leveraged? And how are our best clients using our connectors to do just that for their legal teams right now? Listen in for Kim’s thoughts on all of this and more.

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