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Andor • Reflections & Responses

Join us for a special retrospective on Andor as we gather with Danielle from Written in the Star Wars and AJ, known as Jedi_Starkiller, for an in-depth analysis of the series’ narrative landscape.

Danielle, a passionate conversationalist about all things Star Wars, MCU, and The Last of Us, brings a unique academic perspective to our table. As a PhD researcher specializing in Text & Image Studies, she’s no stranger to dissecting complex narratives, a skill honed through her professional ‘work’ of reading comics. Catch her engaging content on TikTok under the handle @writteninthestarwars, follow her tweets @danies394, and see her visual tributes to the galaxy far, far away on Instagram at @writteninthesw.

AJ, a veritable Jedi in the realm of Star Wars fandom, is not only an adept MtG Commander player and a movie enthusiast but also a devoted family man and dog dad. His diverse interests, from comic books to cinematic adventures, ensure a multi-faceted take on the stories of Andor. Discover his Star Wars content on TikTok and YouTube at @Jedi_Starkiller.

Together, we’re diving deep into the stories told and untold within Andor, examining character arcs, thematic undertones, and the overall impact of the series. Don’t miss out on this conversation; it’s one for the holocrons!

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