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Lightsabers & Martial Arts

Star Wars has inspired an incredible range of creative minds, who make everything from art to cosplay, original music, and lightsabers! Friendly Neighbor Master Alan of Level Up Sabers joins me to talk about lightsabers and how decades as a martial arts instructor have shaped his view of the stories we love.

Alan has been kind enough to offer a discount code for lightsabers! Listen to find out more.

Master Alan first saw Star Wars in the long-ago days of the late 1900s—when Friendly Neighborhood Master Alan was simply Alan. A lot has happened in the intervening time. There have been more Star Wars movies, lots of martial arts training, copious life experiences, and going viral on TikTok. And of course, there’s the lightsabers. What started as a martial arts class has become several martial arts classes and an online training platform with a merch shop. A viral video later, and Master Alan finds himself saying “Better Than A Stick!” in a ridiculous fashion multiple times a week. The upside is sometimes awesome people ask to talk to Master Alan about Star Wars, lightsabers, life, the universe, and everything.

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