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Star Wars • What Comes Next & What You Need to Know

Overwhelmed by the deluge of new Star Wars content and don’t have time to watch all the shows and read all the books? Or maybe you’ve devoured every detail and are eager to dive deeper? Whichever camp you’re in, we’ve got your back! Pete Wright of Marvel Movie Minute & The Next Reel Film Podcast joins me to discuss all things Star Wars – what’s on the horizon and what you need to know to stay ahead.

Pete is a co-founder of TruStory FM and a seasoned producer and host of a wide array of podcasts covering topics from movies to mental health. With thousands of episodes under his belt, Pete’s passion lies in helping others share their next great story.

A millennial, Gen Z’er, and Gen X’er walk into a cantina …

Each of us came into Star Wars in our own way, at our own time, and there is so much we can learn from each other when those differences fuel conversation, not conflict. Join Erin, Matthew, and Alex as we share our love for the galaxy far, far away on the Star Wars Generations Podcast!

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