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The Clone Wars • S7 E9-12: Ahsoka Primer 1

The wait is over—we’re talking about the last four episodes of Season 7 of The Clone Wars. We discuss a wide range of characters, but Ahsoka is an integral part of the story. Therefore, this marks the first episode in our series of Ahsoka primer episodes to gear up for her show coming in August! Whether you’re a die-hard Clone Wars fan or have never watched the show, this is tailored for you.

Years ago, Paul and Matthew recorded episodes covering all of Season 7 of The Clone Wars. Regrettably, our episode on the final two episodes of the season was deleted. Due to popular demand, we’ve decided to revisit it, especially considering this arc’s significance in Ahsoka’s story.

Lastly, I’m venturing back into the world of streaming soon, where I’ll discuss Star Wars and Superheroes while playing poker or Magic: The Gathering. To stay updated, visit

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