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Don’t Make Me Turn This Podcast Around

Here it is, our 50th episode! All three hosts, Paul, Jacob, and Matthew, come together to re-examine some of our favorite questions and discussions from past episodes. We explore themes such as the Joker, various interpretations of violence, the circumstances under which heroes may or should take a life, and the contrasting depictions of heroes from humorous to serious. Plus, we discuss preparations for the eventual rise of our robot overlords.

Also of note—we were particularly lively for this episode. Our energetic mood led to a vibrant and humorous discussion, but also a few slips of the tongue—including Matthew’s inadvertent references to “Chris Kapernick” instead of “Colin Kaepernick” and “Stuporman” rather than “Superman.” We kindly ask for your forgiveness for these blunders.

Here are the podcast episodes we revisited:

  • Ep 3: Suicidal Villains: Suicide Squad and the Nature of Bad Guys.
  • Ep 4: Vengeance! Exploring Desperado
  • Ep 10: Killing President Luthor
  • Ep 19: Why so Serious? The Joker
  • Ep 24: Logan on Logan
  • Ep 33: Ethics of Our Robot Overlords
  • Ep 39: Thor and the Value of Fluff
Riki Hayashi and Matthew Fox explore the ethical questions from the stories geeks love—superheroes, sci-fi, anime, fantasy, video games, and so much more.