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Encanto Ethics: When Generational Trauma is the Villain

In this episode, we’re sprinkling a bit of Disney magic over some substantial topics like family dynamics and generational trauma. Why do the mental health narratives of the characters in Encanto resonate so deeply with audiences?

Joining the conversation is Saron Bryan, a licensed therapist from Athens, Georgia, with a penchant for Disney’s storytelling. Saron specializes in working with queer, polyamorous, and kinky clients. Alongside her professional expertise, she’s on a personal quest through the epic Wheel of Time series and on the hunt for the most extravagantly outlandish earrings she can find.

We’ll also be discussing the cultural significance of Encanto‘s Colombian setting and how it intricately weaves into the film’s portrayal of familial and personal challenges. For more insights into this topic, check out the article we referenced from Polygon, which delves into why understanding the Colombian context is key to appreciating the movie: Encanto’s Act of Defiance – Polygon.

Want more of Saron’s insights? Tune into her podcast here: TLDR Podcast.

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