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Golden Ethics: A Betty White Tribute

In this special episode, we honor the incomparable Betty White and the cultural touchstone that is The Golden Girls. We examine the show’s groundbreaking treatment of social issues that were ahead of its time—racism, sexism, ageism, animal rights, and sexuality—and discuss its enduring relevance in today’s society. How did Betty White and her portrayal of Rose Nylund influence viewers’ understanding of these complex topics? What can we learn from the show’s candid and compassionate approach to issues that still resonate with us?

Joining me is Paul Hoppe to reflect on Betty White’s legacy and the superpower it took to live in Miami on a (substitute) teacher’s salary.

During our conversation, we referenced insightful articles that explore the significance of Betty White’s work and The Golden Girls‘ stance on LGBTQ+ acceptance:

  • “Betty White on The Golden Girls taught me queer self-acceptance” by Savannah Sipple, which can be read at
  • “A Deep Dive into the Queerness of The Golden Girls” by Dr. Thomas J. West III, available on Medium.

Tune in for a heartfelt tribute to a television icon and the show that still captures our hearts.

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