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Harley Quinn • S3 Ethical Exploration

Harley Quinn’s third season serves up a smorgasbord of ethical dilemmas ripe for discussion. Joining the conversation is Emily Cissell, alongside first-time podcast guest Abby Neiman, to delve into the moral quandaries presented in this animated adult comedy series.

From the chaotic anti-hero Harley Quinn’s journey of self-discovery and redemption to the complex relationships and villainous schemes, we dissect the actions and motivations of the characters. Can we justify their choices, or do they cross lines that even the most morally flexible would balk at?

This season continues to push boundaries and challenge viewers’ perceptions of right and wrong within the anarchic universe that Harley and her crew inhabit. With Emily’s insight and Abby’s fresh perspective, we’ll navigate the murky ethical waters of love, loyalty, ambition, and the quest for power in Harley Quinn Season 3.

Riki Hayashi and Matthew Fox explore the ethical questions from the stories geeks love—superheroes, sci-fi, anime, fantasy, video games, and so much more.
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