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Multiverse Multi Opinions

Let’s talk multiverses! Paul Hoppe and I dive into the questions raised by telling stories in a multiverse.

Note—this episode may be a bit controversial, as both of us are not as gung-ho as many others about the way the multiverse is playing out in the MCU. This episode is NOT an attempt to argue with people who are loving the multiverse, or to shame them or to in any way question that. If you’re super excited to see how the multiverse plays out—that is awesome, and if you’re not interested in folks talking about why they’re not as gung-ho, no worries, we’ll have another episode coming along soon.

We decided to make this episode for two reasons:

  1. We’ve heard from a number of people who also aren’t as excited about the multiverse as many others are, and they wanted to hear folks talk about a different perspective.
  2. Various folks who are super excited about this asked good-faith questions about why one or both of us are not on board, and so I/we wanted to take some time to address those questions.

If that sounds interesting, check it out! If not, no worries, and we’ll be back next week with a more traditional ethics episode!

Riki Hayashi and Matthew Fox explore the ethical questions from the stories geeks love—superheroes, sci-fi, anime, fantasy, video games, and so much more.
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