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Punisher • S2

In Season 1, Punisher raised hard questions about vengeance, justice, and why audiences enjoy revenge fantasies. How did Season 2 measure up? Does Frank have any accountability for the people he puts in danger? And did the world need another plot akin to Harley Quinn, where a therapist becomes romantically involved with her dangerous patient, and the writers attempt to make it seem appealing?

Two important notes—we had some technical difficulties near the end, and by the time we got Jessica back, Jacob had to leave. Apologies for any confusion, but we completed the discussion!

Second, during the podcast, we talked about WisCon—the amazing Feminist Sci-Fi/Fantasy con that happens in Madison, Wisconsin, over Memorial Day Weekend. Not only is it an incredible event that you should try to attend, but we’ll also be hosting a Superhero Ethics Brown Bag Dinner Meetup. On Saturday, May 25, from 5:30 – 7:30 PM, we’ll reserve space in one of the conference rooms set aside for impromptu gatherings. Grab dinner and join us for a meetup and discussion!

For more information on WisCon, visit WisCon’s website.

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