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The Last of Us Part II: the Video Game

My partner and I played through The Last of Us Part II, and Danielle and Matthew joined me to discuss the profound ethical questions the story raises. We’ve detailed the issues and story for anyone to follow along, but be warned: this conversation contains spoilers!

Danielle (she/her) is engrossed in Star Wars, the MCU, and The Last of Us. As a PhD researcher in Text & Image Studies, she has the enviable job of reading and analyzing comics. Catch her on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram for more insights. For her thoughts on The Bad Batch, visit

Matthew Wilhelm Kapell has a diverse teaching background, from human genetics to film studies, at institutions in California, Michigan, the UK, and currently at Pace University in New York City. He edits an academic book series on the study of digital and tabletop games. Explore his books and other projects at His work is a reminder of the interconnectedness of “Hero’s Journeys” and “Heroine’s Ordeals.”

Riki Hayashi and Matthew Fox explore the ethical questions from the stories geeks love—superheroes, sci-fi, anime, fantasy, video games, and so much more.
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