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The Last of Us

Joining me for a deep dive into HBO’s The Last of Us are Danielle and Erin, as we dissect the pivotal choices made by the characters and examine the series’ (and game’s) impact on our understanding of heroism and villainy. We’ll also offer some bonus musings on Pedro Pascal and explore the fan-driven notion of “thirst.”

Erin McGowan hails from the Twin Cities and has embraced the art of cosplay with open arms. To see her latest creative endeavors, you can follow her on TikTok and Instagram @ladytanocreates.

Danielle balances her time between spirited discussions about Star Wars, the MCU, and The Last of Us. She’s currently pursuing her PhD in Text & Image Studies, where she’s fortunate enough to analyze comics as a part of her scholarly pursuits. You can join in on her conversations on TikTok @writteninthestarwars, on Twitter @danies394, and on Instagram @writteninthesw.

For more of Danielle’s expert commentary, especially on The Bad Batch, visit

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