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As we eagerly anticipate the release of the new Willow series, we turn back the clock to the 1980s to revisit the original fantasy classic, Willow. Joining me are Mark Garkusha, Ashley Coffin, and first-timer Katy O’Leary Brennan. Together, we reminisce about the film’s epic storytelling, Val Kilmer’s memorable wardrobe choices, and the reasons Willow holds a special place in our childhood memories.

Ashley Coffin, with her multitude of accolades—Stranded Panda Supreme Leader, MCU Co-Host, Empress of All Things Thirst, F*ck Around & Find Out Enforcer, co-host of Bill & Ashley’s Terror Theater, and regular guest on the Superhero Ethics Podcast—also extends a heartfelt greeting to your canine companions.

For those looking to explore Ashley’s work on horror cinema:
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Katy Brennan juggles the world of data analysis by day with her passion for cosplay and tabletop gaming by night. She’s not only the Supreme Leader’s BFF but also a featured personality on The Cast Die Podcast (@castdiepodcast) and Crossroad Games (@CrossroadXGames). You can catch up with her adventures on social media @katyolady.

Mark Garkusha’s voice may be familiar from commercials selling sandwiches or exercise bikes, but there’s much more to his talent. As an actor and VO artist, he contributes his voice to discussions and gameplay on The Cast Die Podcast (@castdiepodcast). To see what Mark is up to, follow him across social platforms under @markdmitri.

Riki Hayashi and Matthew Fox explore the ethical questions from the stories geeks love—superheroes, sci-fi, anime, fantasy, video games, and so much more.