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Drop The Bouillabaisse

Season Three, Episode Five: Drop The Bouillabaisse, was written, directed and edited by Kyle Olson, our Producer and Sound Designer is Ryan FitzPatrick. Our talent wrangler is Brooke Underveith!

Starring Amy Shaw as Zinnia, Anastasia Plumb as Saffron, Kara Gallo as Goldie, Ryan FitzPatrick as the Steward, Christopher Soucy as The Quartermaster, and Justin Kent not only Vicious Swaa but Tim Brule and also Virgil!

Our theme song is written and performed by Hedley Knights and our interstitial music is ‘Intended Force’ by Kevin Macleod. The Swashbuckling Ladies Debate Society is a Ox and Hare Media production. Old format, new ideas.

The flame of hope is still burning bright in the Swashbuckling Ladies Debate Society, a queer radio drama adventure set in steampunk France.
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