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The Worth Of The Anchor Part 2: Fine Voyage, Fine Ship

Author’s Notes

And so we meet Preston, and our cast is complete. I’m always interested in the idea of the person we appear as to others, the person we pretend to be, and the person we reveal ourselves to be. And, of course, those who change their demeanor around someone they feel to be above or below them.

You also get to see another side of Ursula here. Yes, she’s that friend’s Mom that you always liked visiting, who’d always have a snack and a drink waiting for you. But she’s also extremely sharp and knows how to play the game better than anyone would suspect.

Krissy Lenz refers to Mrs Du Mer as “my Betty White” which is a pretty apt description. But for those who only know Betty from Golden Girls, or even just as a meme, you need to see her work on The Mary Tyler Moore Show to see another side of her. I like to think that Ursula is all of these personas, depending on the situation.

And the title of this chapter is from the broadcast logs of the Titanic, from early on in her ill-fated voyage. Ursula has spotted their iceberg, but the impact is still on the way.

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