Corona Sessions

The Hot Circus and the Golden Spoon • Member Episode

August 25, 2020

The Saucy Boys return from the front lines of medicine and confectionery.

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The COVID-3 SaucySauce SaucyBoys • Member Episode

May 14, 2020

Tommy and Pete are back with their third COVID-19 Sanity Check-in and discover that in addition to the virus, the planet and condiments are also out to get them.

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The What’s That Smell Trademarked Coronavirus Sanity Check • Member Episode

April 8, 2020

The weeks are cruising by and we’re discovering new ways to get lost in quarantine with a meditation on videogaming, garages, joyous bathroom engagements, and a discourse on why people wearing masks appear to hate us.

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The Corona Virus Special Special Report • Member Episode

March 17, 2020

Pete and Tom help no one in their efforts to confront the pandemic.

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