Iron Man

IM006: From a show you never knew existed

January 14, 2019

in which Andy, Pete, and guest Ryan Dalton, author of the Time Shift trilogy, jam out to the Iron Man cartoon theme song, review Jeff Bridges’ character types and discuss Powerpoints as exposition

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IM005: Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

January 11, 2019

in which Andy and Pete take a lesson in Dari/Urdu, talk about the jump backward in time, and dig into Photoshopped magazine covers

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IM004: Jimmy is Swiss cheese

January 10, 2019

in which Andy and Pete bid adieu to swiss cheese Jimmy, look at our first bit of deleted material, and pine for the halcyon days of that fantastic phone.

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IM003: Ramirez: The only character who has no gift of hindsight

January 9, 2019

in which Andy and Pete say goodbye to our first two characters, talk about practical explosions and reminisce about Daredevil (not that one)

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IM002: It’s not as wildly-insulting as it should be

January 8, 2019

in which Andy and Pete discuss Robert Downey Jr., AC/DC and Iron Man’s journey to the screen

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IM001: You gotta earn your wizards

January 7, 2019

in which Andy and Pete discuss the opening logos, character origins, and Afghanistan

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2018-12-29 • Saturday Matinée

December 31, 2018

00:00 – It’s Showtime Folks! 13:14 – Let’s Do Trailers! 21:44 – The List: Broken Marriage Comedies 35:04 – Coming attractions… 37:35 – What’s this? A surprise presentation of the Marvel Movie Minute? YES IT IS!

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