Just in case you forgot us

July 31, 2018

The dynamic shifts when robots take over the show.

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Your mother says we’re her favorite: A What’s That Smell? Retrospective

May 29, 2018

It’s the last show of our first season. To celebrate, we decided to do a little self-indulgent navel-gazing because we heard podcast audiences adore it when podcasts do that kind of thing.

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Eat Prey Run

May 22, 2018

At long last, Tommy unleashes the swarm while Pete fights to flaunt his … ummm … outer strength?

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High Jump, No Landing

May 15, 2018

Pete laments the sad shortage of railings in the world, and Tommy’s just sitting there watching the clock… and waiting…

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Paula Ticks as Usual

May 8, 2018

Pete pokes the dragon of our own making while Tommy feels the pangs of embarrassment decades in the making.

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Ruff Procedures

May 1, 2018

Pete sees someone else’s life flash before his eyes, and Tommy dodges daggers doggedly.

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Whompf! (There Eat Is)

April 24, 2018

Tommy visits the darkness and in the process finds Shyamalan while Pete beats his inner child to the Twinkies.

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They, Robot

April 17, 2018

Pete strives to relate to a brave new world. Tommy worries that in that world, we’re all just meat targets.

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Pam and the Fashion Police

April 10, 2018

Tommy conjures demons of the deep and Pete goes all-in on hemp.

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Imposter, #2

April 3, 2018

Pete battles his urge to hide everything he creates. Ironically, so does Tommy.

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