212: The Case of the Inedible Venetian

November 19, 2018

In this final episode of season 2, Pete seeks safety in the arms of the FDA while Tommy struggles for freedom from the mighty grasp of a waterlogged Italian city.

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211: The Case of Calamity U.

November 12, 2018

Tommy helps a listener through a disturbing case of Neesonitis while Pete struggles to hide from academics bearing heavy books.

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210: The Case of the Apocalyptic Valise

November 5, 2018

Pete helps a listener tilt into the winds of change while Tommy faces the black depths of his toiletry kit.

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209: The Case of the Elder Contri-BOO-tions!!!

October 29, 2018

Tommy digs deep to help a listener distressed with specter-spook while Pete seeks the solution to the generation gap.

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208: The Case of the Audited Moniker

October 22, 2018

Pete helps a listener with the find peace under the giant thumb of a byzantine system while Tommy struggles to gift the long arm of history with anything more than a list of nouns.

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207: The Case of the Manchurian Mathematician

October 15, 2018

Tommy helps a listener find the secrets in plain sight while Pete struggles at the blackboard.

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206: The Case of the Fangspace

October 8, 2018

Pete helps a listener (in no way whatsoever) to overcome a personal pestilence while Tommy mourns (in no way whatsoever) the loss of an esteem-maker.

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205: The Case of the Jester’s Chops

October 1, 2018

Tommy helps a listener navigate pavement in clever new ways while Pete confronts a dark confusion in face of tools for joy.

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204: The Case of the Derma-Trolley

September 24, 2018

Pete’s looking for grime in the dark places while Tommy is in a most perilous race against his own cheeks.

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203: The Case of the Cardiac Doodler

September 17, 2018

Tommy helps a listener through pesky pen pessimism while Pete builds a strong case for the end of all medical science.

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