312: The Legend of the Hat Tap

June 3, 2019

This week, Pete and Tommy bring you the round-robin, rapid fire anxiety draft you didn’t know you’ve been waiting for all your life.

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311: The Legend of the Claptrap Capitulation

May 27, 2019

Tommy faces the challenge of words falling from his face while Pete stares gently into the fog of the unknown.

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310: The Legend of the Obfuscated Riposte

May 20, 2019

Pete is here to remind you that if you’re not feeling good about the world, you’re feeling bad about it, while Tommy has plans to strip silence from your future conversations.

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309: The Legend of the Modulated Anticipation

May 13, 2019

Tommy attempts peace with his future overlords while Pete helps a listener see peace in ghosting the e-anxiety.

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308: The Legend of the Precision Fixation

May 6, 2019

Pete is stuck in the meta-cognitive gap while Tommy saves a listener from sweet, sweet perfection.

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The What’s That Smell? Escape Room Anxiety Bonus!

May 2, 2019

Remember that time Pete did the escape room? Tommy did one, and his was a horror-filled nightmarescape. This is his report.

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307: The Legend of the Analytical Crater

April 29, 2019

Tommy takes to the couch while Pete helps a listener to stay aloft.

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306: The Legend of the Mealtime Ticker

April 22, 2019

Pete goes deep into the anxiety diorama while Tommy helps a listener find a mealtime tribe.

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305: The Legend of the Shadow Trance

April 15, 2019

Tommy avoids swinging clocks while Pete helps a young listener own the night.

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304: The Legend of the Infraction Trap

April 8, 2019

Pete’s stuck in the stocks while Tommy hits the city of Los Angeles straight in the selfie.

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