The Dilly-Dally Podcast Report

January 13, 2020

Pete and Tom help a listener approach the long, dark path of apathy, and then cut open their inner podcaster.

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The Toppling Trainwreck Report

January 6, 2020

Tommy finds joy hidden in the joy disguised as joy masquerading as trauma while Pete helps a listener with gravity … again.

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The Transcendental Tip Report

December 30, 2019

Pete embraces the long-cut while Tommy helps a listener keep the silver cord tight.

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The Staggering Stockade Report

December 23, 2019

Tommy channels an otter prison while Pete helps a listener with gravity.

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The Schooner Tycoon Report

December 16, 2019

Pete faces an industrialist nightmare while Tommy helps a listener move beyond buoyant butterflies.

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The Skittering Deuce Report

December 9, 2019

Tommy comes face to face with a new nemesis and responds appropriately, while Pete helps a listener feel better about feeling dirty.

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The Galactic Adhesive Report

December 2, 2019

Pete finally moves aside and frees a new generation to experience out of this world anxiety while Tommy picks, and picks, and picks.

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The Depository Examination Report

November 25, 2019

Tommy has prepared a list of places in which it is appropriate to ‘oil oneself up’ while Pete helps a listener to stand face-to-face with their inner Scarecrow.

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The Guzzling Endowment Report

November 18, 2019

Pete devours an anxiety that should be a test for itself while Tommy helps a listener to see that the grass, sometimes, isn’t always greener.

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The Curly Chamber Report

November 11, 2019

Tommy is on a hunt for fear and isolation and finds it in northern California while Pete helps a listener to maybe not see so much after all.

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