The Riddle of the Chronic Gnasher

March 2, 2021

AI lookin’ out for us. Pete helps a listener feel free in the chair while Tommy is on the hunt for Dr. Puff-n-stuff.

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The Riddle of the Microbial Seizure

February 23, 2021

Clean your glasses. Watch out for the ghouls under your bed. Stay out of the metropolitan water delivery business

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The Riddle of the Earmark Fixation

January 26, 2021

Pete uses his big brain to think again… and again and again while Tommy fights for the right to recline.

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The Riddle of the Rueful Stratagem

January 19, 2021

Pete helps a listener find a friend in time while Tommy is generally sorry.

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The Riddle of the House-trained Gambol

January 12, 2021

Pete expounds on the long-running perils of railroad tie tag while Tommy and Foster come to a pandemic impasse.

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The Riddle of the Fellowship Mainframe

January 5, 2021

Pete chronicles the perils of feeling anything at all while Tommy exercises his inner Lawnmower Man daemons.

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The Riddle of the Magpie Dissertation

December 29, 2020

Bumble snoozes, the pen leads to the darkest nights of the soul, and exercises in poor storage.

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The Riddle of the Acceleration Gig

December 22, 2020

Are there are more villainous creepies than hornets? Pete fights the purge while Tom winces at the wheel.

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The Riddle of the Volition Faux Pas

December 15, 2020

Surprising no one, we have pandemic body issues. Plus, social anxiety… and a little dose of a listener’s struggles to choose… or do we?

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Welcome to Anxiemart • The What’s That Smell? Season 5 Trailer

November 23, 2020

Pandemic. Politics. WAP. Just when we thought we were out of anxieties to unpack, 2020 happened.

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