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Peeling Back the Pom-Poms: A Deep Dive into Bring It On!

In this spirited episode of The Adrian Moment, Ocean and Jim dive into the cult classic cheerleading comedy Bring It On! from 2000. The duo discuss their impressions of the film, which follows a high school cheer squad dealing with a stolen routine and stiff competition from a rival squad.

They especially appreciate the movie’s highly quotable dialogue, citing several of their favorite amusing lines delivered by the colorful cast of characters. They also touch on some of the film’s subplots, like the main character’s struggle to be a good cheer captain and a scam artist who sells the same cheer routines to multiple squads.

But is it a sport? It’s subjectively judged which, for one on our team, makes for a challenge. You’ll have to listen in to hear if the case for athleticism and dedication makes it a legitimate sporting pursuit, even if it doesn’t fit the definition of objective scoring.

It’s a nostalgic look back at this iconic teen movie and to hear Ocean and Jim’s takes on what makes it such an enduring comedy favorite. Spirit fingers at the ready!

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The crowd roars. The impossible shot sinks through the net as the buzzer sounds. We live for these epic sports moments on the big screen—even if we’ve never laced up cleats or set foot on a field.
Why do sports films captivate us? How do they speak to the competitor deep inside? Can a great sports flick make you fall in love with a game you never cared for?
Join lifelong friends and film fanatics Ocean Murff and Jim Pullen as they go deep into the psychology, storytelling, and raw emotional power of the greatest sports movies ever made.
Laugh and cry with them as they re-live the agonizing defeats, underdog triumphs, coaching miracles, and adrenaline-soaked championship glory only the big screen can deliver. From tales of individual perseverance to the bonds of teamwork, Ocean and Jim break down just how sports films distill the human experience like no other genre.
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