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The Legacy of 61*

This week on the show, Ocean and Jim discuss the 2001 film “61*”, chronicling the 1961 competition between Yankees teammates Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris to surpass Babe Ruth’s single-season home run record.

Ocean and Jim explore the film’s central theme of hero worship and how it influenced public perception of Mantle and Maris as they chased the iconic record. The hosts examine the portrayal of the two players and the media’s role in shaping the narrative surrounding their pursuit.

The pair also delves into the controversy surrounding the asterisk placed next to Maris’ record due to the extended 162-game season. They consider how the conversation might have differed if Mantle had been the sole contender and discuss the significance of the record in the context of baseball history.

Throughout the episode, Ocean and Jim offer their insights and impressions of the film, analyzing its depiction of a pivotal moment in the sport’s past. Listen to the latest episode of The Adrian Moment for an engaging look at "61*” and its representation of a memorable chapter in baseball history.

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