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Welcome To The Devil’s Details!

Good Morningstar, lovelies, and welcome to The Devil’s Details! What image springs to mind when I say “Lucifer?” How about “Satan?” Or how about just “The Devil?” Where do all these different images come from, and how did the Big Bad of the Western World end up with so many faces? Join us as we dig up, decipher, dissect and deconstruct the Devil’s many forms throughout history, art, literature and pop-culture! Take a guided tour with Dante through the nine circles of hell! Revisit Satan’s angsty bad-boy years in John Milton’s Paradise Lost! Learn the ins and outs of a Faustian contract (easier than a 1099, but with a HELL of a lot more fine print)! Slither on over and join us in the diabolic discussion! We’ll be sure to keep a seat warm for you! Until then…..

What started as an exploration of the devil in their show, The Exorcist Minute, has grown into something much greater. Find all the original episodes of the show and more right here in The Devil’s Details with Lester Ryan Clark and Kynan Dias.
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