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The Exorcist Minute • bonus

BONUS EPISODE! Alex Bledsoe Interview About Dandelion

On this extra-special, extra-literary BONUS episode:

  • We interview author Alex Bledsoe and talk about his devilishly delightful book ‘Dandelion!’
  • Oops! All treats!
  • We are Walmart, and we are many!
  • This episode is brought to you by TLC-Mart!
  • We were raised Catholic, and Alex was raised Southern!
  • Well, Kynan likes Upton Sinclair!
  • Is the body of Christ gluten-free?

…and more!

Lester and Kynan attempt to examine, extrapolate and excavate each minute of the iconic film, “The Exorcist.” Join them as they cover the scariest movie of all time, minute by terrifying minute! New episodes every Tuesday and Wednesday!
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