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Minute 126 - What An Excellent Day For Collars! The Exorcist Minute • minute 126

Minute 126 – What An Excellent Day For Collars!

On this episode of The Exorcist minute:

  • Don’t be homophonophobic
  • Have we talked about Sally Field yet?
  • Don’t give up the goat if you can buy the cow for free…
  • Sometimes Hakuna Matata is not the answer
  • Oh, Karl, I think I’ll miss you most of all…
  • Ain’t no party like a Karl party cuz a Karl party wants no straps!
  • Schrodinger’s medallion

…and more!

Lester and Kynan attempt to examine, extrapolate and excavate each minute of the iconic film, “The Exorcist.” Join them as they cover the scariest movie of all time, minute by terrifying minute! New episodes every Tuesday and Wednesday!