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Minute 76 – What An Excellent Day For MORE Coffee!

On this episode of The Exorcist Minute:
You know what this minute needs? MORE coffee!
Jiminy Cricket!
What’s YOUR favorite minced oath?
Expletive Deleted!
I believe in Gosh, and his son, Jeepers….
“They can’t say ‘damn!’ They’re from the thirties!”
Christopher Columbus – the WORST expletive
“Oh, I just remembered, I left the murder weapon on…”
“I’m there Robert Redford now!”
Did YOU notice the bug?
…and more!

Lester and Kynan attempt to examine, extrapolate and excavate each minute of the iconic film, “The Exorcist.” Join them as they cover the scariest movie of all time, minute by terrifying minute! New episodes every Tuesday and Wednesday!
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