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The Exorcist Minute • minute 94

Minute 94 – What An Excellent Day for Scotch!

On this episode of The Exorcist Minute:

  • “What do you mean this phone dialogue is clunky and expositional?”
  • This is daddy’s room, and I’m the daddy now!
  • Some god damn peace and quiet!
  • This one corporate trick – customers hate him!
  • You made me admit that everything’s fine! You bastard!
  • 🎵Hey hey we’re the pleasure seeking Monkees!🎵
  • Bad Catholic! Bad Catholic!
  • Do you know what he did? Your cu**ing president?

….and more!

Lester and Kynan attempt to examine, extrapolate and excavate each minute of the iconic film, “The Exorcist.” Join them as they cover the scariest movie of all time, minute by terrifying minute! New episodes every Tuesday and Wednesday!